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Digital Illustration & Story Board

Born in 1970 in Kishinev, Moldova, I began art studies in 1982, under the guidance of Natalia Alexeevna Vasilieva, at the Schusev Art School. I earned bachelor’s degree at A. I. Repin College of Arts in 1990, where i studied painting with Igor Leonidovich Liberman, and Mikhail Shevelkin. Lives and works in Israel. The painter I follow the traditions of russian avant-guard and neo-expressionism. My work is largely eclectic in nature. Regular participant of exhibitions in the municipality of Rishon Le Zion and Kanar House, Rishon Le Zion, Art Gallery Bat-Yam Israel, in the Russian cultural center in Israel. 2012 International Exhibition Salon d’Autun (comes first in Israel). 2012 Exhibition Autumn Salon in Paris on the Champs Elysees. Works in oils, watercolors, intaglio, and other techniques.

Avant-garde is characterized by an experimental approach to art that goes beyond the classical aesthetics, using original and innovative means of expression, emphatic symbolism artistic images. The concept of avant-garde to a large extent eclectic in nature.

I am an artist and a graphic designer, working in a style that evokes avant-garde, and conceptual picturesque expressionism. Art is my passion, which does not leave me for a minute. I have been painting and drawing since childhood. I have received classical fine arts training, rooted in the russian tradition of academic realism, but in my creative work I use an experimental approach that goes beyond the classical aesthetics, using original and innovative means of expression, and emphatic symbolism. I try to be spontaneous, sometimes eclectic, and sometimes realistic. I am constantly studying world art, literature, cinema and other art forms.

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